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Espire Production are a team of film, video makers and photographers. The founder Mark, would divide his time as a successful Project Manager within the city of London spanning 20+ years, having worked for many Blue Chip clients; HSBC – CREDIT LYONNAIS – WOODCHESTER FINANCE UK along with developing his passion as a Script Writer and Film Maker.  Since 2015, the team have been fully commited to Film & Documentray making, Mark gained a reputation within the Independent Film Making environment for penning interesting, engaging and insightful scripts, covering topics;

Script Writing - Film Making;


WHY ME - Penology Concepts. 

WE'RE ON - Religion. 

RAZOR - Organised Crime Within Known Corporations. 


TAINTED - Betrayal.

Now January 2015, having amassed a trustworthy team of collaborators, Mark and the crew welcome all creative challenges as having completed projects for known corporations.


Corporate Video Solutions - Project Management

Advertising Videos for known blue chip establishments, along with high street companies.


Q - “What do Camera Operators, Sound Recordist and Film Editors do in their spare time..?”

A - “They work for us at Espire FILM & VIDEO Production!”

At Espire Production we use some the UKs finest Film Video and Photography technicians in order to create, edit and then produce first rate Corporate Video and Film material. Some of our technicians are award winning individuals having worked within the creative sector for more than twenty years.

As for you the owner MD or CEO of your company / organisation, hard work, passion and vision are some of the core ingredients needed to make your company succeed. But it is your voice, clients or potential customers are waiting to hear. We now live in the video age so;

‘Get on Camera and tell all how great your organisation is’

Although we at Espire Production are Film makers at heart, so when producing a Corporate Video we work with you our client to together establish the story you wish to tell the viewer your potential customers.

Prior to any filming, together we collaborate with you to find the narrative, we then produce a project plan and story board for your approval. We then begin the simple process of dividing your requirements into discussion topics, from these topics we rehearse and film your corporate Video.




Mark Foris

Phone: +44 7951 787714

E-mail: espireproduction@aol.com



Photographers - Camera Operators - Lighting Technicians - Sound Recordist

All UK Based - work for Espire Production on a per contract basis

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